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I was contacted by a lovely young lady back in the middle of last year who had recently bought her own place. The client wanted to create a feminine, tranquil, cosy environment which she could come home to after a busy day at work, and also share with her boyfriend and friend who would also be living with her.

The project from our initial consultation was really exciting because we were instantly on the same page with vibe we wanted to create. Her ideas were very similar to my social media pages which made the project such a joy to be a part of as I could include my own personal taste. The space was situated over 3 floors, with the living room on the top, bedroom in the middle and kitchen on the ground floor.


I used a mixture of textures from rattan, soft linens and splashes of colour as the client loved the vibrancy of colours in accessories. It was important to keep a classic look as I didn’t want to embrace too much modernity as it would feel less ‘homey’, especially within a new development. With accents of brass, pendant lighting and gorgeous rugs, the townhouse came together perfectly and ran true from top to bottom. The townhouse with ease, became somewhere the client could enjoy day in day out, and in entertain friends and family.

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