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Founder, Natalie Paterson

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From a young age I was consistently collecting fashion magazine cuttings of beautiful designs, experimenting with painting on the weekend, and visiting galleries with my girlfriends in London when I got into my teens. The rainy days were always filled with creativity and exploring; the summer days being in nature or down the coast with grubby knees.

Working on photoshoots for an Interior magazine before university, sparked my love for designing and interiors. Soon after my degree in Interior Architecture & Design, I realised that I wanted to explore the world, gain knowledge in different areas of design and eventually have my own business in the industry.

years later, from working in travel PR, designing handbags in South Africa, assisting on magazines and interior designing for amazing companies, I took the giant leap to give up my property role during COVID and build this brand, putting my faith in o10 STUDIOS.

I hope that with my experience and personality, I can help encourage people to bring life back in their surroundings and create beautiful spaces for now and the future.

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